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How to Become an Employer of Choice with Next-Generation Sales Hiring Assessments

Believe it or not, the sales hiring process is becoming less about what the employee can do for your company and more about what your company can do for the employee. We know; it’s a lot to take in. But this is actually a good thing, especially for companies like yours that continue to take a hard look at how to become an employer of choice.

We all should have the mindset of being an employer of choice. It starts with focusing on the candidate experience and ends with upping your game with next-generation sales hiring assessments. Let’s discuss.

The Candidate Experience

Briefly, because we’ve written about this before, but the candidate experience refers to what it feels like to be an individual going through the hiring process. Highly skilled applicants know their skills are needed now more than ever; therefore, they have higher expectations on their end. That mindset is so ingrained now that good candidates are less likely to accept an offer from you if they don’t feel your processes are up to snuff.

And if they do, they’ll likely only view you as a short-term fix as they keep looking for another job. Bottom line:

  • They don’t want their time wasted.
  • They don’t want to be treated like machine parts.
  • They know other companies are competing for talent.
  • They know they have a right to interview the company, too.

So how do you become that employer that people not only want to work for but that the best candidates actually compete against one another to work for you? Providing a superior candidate experience is critical. Also, the hiring process has to be purposeful and engaging from start to finish.

Next-Generation Sales Hiring Assessments

Sciolytix prides itself on developing these types of tools, and we have that with S2P2. Sciolytix Sales Performance Predictor (S2P2) is an award-winning candidate assessment tool that utilizes 3D avatar-based simulations to measure and predict a candidate’s performance in an unbiased manner. Think of it as a video game — sales candidates play a video game that reflects the real-world selling situations they will face in their new sales role and, through artificial intelligence, predict their effectiveness. This groundbreaking technology helps sales leaders:

  1. Hire top-performing reps quickly
  2. Minimize the risk of bad hires
  3. Position themselves as an employer of choice with applicants

S2P2 accurately predicts quota attainment while delivering a fun, memorable experience for participants.

We are revolutionizing the way organizations hire, onboard, develop talent, and create a fair hiring process for all. Predictive simulations are the latest enhancement we’re adding to that arsenal of products.

And we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

S2P2 Is Where It’s at!

At Sciolytix, we’ve always fancied ourselves as innovators and pioneers when it comes to providing simulations to train your existing salesforce. But what if we told you we could take that same simulation concept and more accurately predict future performance? Would you jump on it? We think you will. And we bet the candidate experience would improve, too!

  • They’ll feel like you really “get it.”
  • You’re not wasting their time.
  • They know you’re using something cutting-edge and relevant.
  • You’re making hiring decisions based on actual job performance.

This is much different from classic personality assessments, which work off the principle of measuring something unrelated and somehow connecting that to what you “think” a potential hire’s performance will be.

Take S2P2 for a free test drive today!

Author: Dario Priolo

Dario brings over 20 years of experience in the sales enablement and talent development industry. He has led marketing and strategy as CMO for leading companies like the Hay Group, Miller Heiman and Profiles International and has been part of 4 successful exits, including his own start-up.


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