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Sciolytix creates software that helps organizations hire and develop their people better, faster, and cheaper. We have two products: the ImpactSIMs™ Sales Assessment and DigitalChalk Learning Management System (LMS).

ImpactSIMs™ Sales Assessment is a predictive simulation that uses 3D avatar role plays and artificial intelligence to evaluate salespeople pre and post-hire. Pre-hire, ImpactSIMs™ Sales Assessment helps sales leaders find top performers in large applicant pools faster and reduces poor hires by 95%. Post-hire, ImpactSIMs™ Sales Assessment pinpoints development needs to target training and coaching better.

DigitalChalk is an award-winning LMS used by organizations for training employees, customers, and partners and used by training companies and associations to sell and deliver certifications and continuing professional education. For more information, please visit www.digitalchalk.com.

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Our leadership is experienced and passionate about learning and performance.

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We are proud to be recognized for our innovation and client success.

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We serve clients of all sizes and locations globally.

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Join our team to become part of one of the field’s leading business technology companies. Our people make up Sciolytix. We are a group of hardworking, determined, caring, and generous team members. Sciolytix employees go above and beyond not only for our customers, but for each other.

Our employees value each other and the work we perform. It is a result of monthly team building events in and out of the office. From our in-office events to department happy hour outings, our employees have created a true work family.