Sciolytix Sales Performance Predictor (S2P2)

Game-Changing Sales Hiring Simulations

S2P2 predicts the performance of sales candidates using 3D avatar-based simulations and AI. It provides unbiased, accurate results for hiring managers and delivers a fun and memorable candidate experience.


Sciolytix Sales Performance Predictor helps sales leaders hire and develop their people with greater precision and speed, and create a positive impression with sales candidates.

Many organizations use multiple-choice personality assessments to support hiring decisions. However, research tells us that sales candidates and hiring managers strongly dislike these tests.

We’ve revolutionized sales hiring through performance prediction by having sales candidates play a video game that reflects the real-world selling situations they will face in their new sales role and, through artificial intelligence, predict their effectiveness.

Sciolytix Sales Performance Predictor takes less than 45 minutes to complete and enables you to know sales candidates like you’ve done a ride-along.

“I have to be honest, this (S2P2) blows me away and I haven’t seen anything like it that predicts sales performance.” He added, “Today we assess personality and workstyle but what we really need to know is can they sell and your platform is exactly what we were looking for…”Jacob MedinaDirector People Growth with KCI Wireless

S2P2 is super cool and unbelievably powerful for a fast, high growth company to implement into its hiring process. It has enabled better decisions not for just hiring but for onboarding and coaching too.Patrick RobertsChief Revenue Officer, Mountainseed

Hiring top talent is the life blood of any sales force. By applying simulation expertise to hiring, Sciolytix gives you a truly a game changing approach for identifying top performers.Dr. Michael Ahearne

As a young professional starting in sales, I really enjoyed going through S2P2 as part of the hiring process. I liked that it lets you demonstrate your ability in realistic customer scenarios.Victor Nogueira

We hire hundreds of salespeople each year and invest countless hours to choose the best. S2P2 has helped us add a solid dose of science and objectivity to our process. It is now an essential step in our process.Cherish IsaacVP Sales Development at Insperity

Don’t just predict potential, predict performance

Don’t just predict potential, predict performance.

Traditional methods, such as personality assessments, cognitive tests and skill surveys typically measure a candidate’s potential and fit for the job and not their real-world readiness or expected performance. We tell you who will knock their quota out of the park and who will struggle, which is what you ultimately want to know.


Deliver a fun, memorable candidate experience.

Candidates hate taking tests and the best won’t often bother. S2P2 has changed the game by having candidates play through a series of simulations that reflect common customer situations they will encounter on the job. The experience is like playing a challenging video game, and takes less that 45 minutes. There are no mind games, and no tricks–just a pure measure of selling performance that’s fun to take.

Deliver a fun, memorable candidate experience

Enhance Objectivity and Reduce Bias

S2P2 is consistent since every candidate gets to perform in the same scenario and is scored objectively by the system. This reduces bias by allowing sales performance to guide your hiring decision. Additionally, it is nearly impossible to fake–the only way to do well is to know how to sell. Best of all, performance in the simulation is tied directly to your real-world KPIs.

How It Works

1. Schedule candidates

Scheduling is super easy. We recommend testing all applicants that pass through your initial resume screen. More candidates mean more opportunities to find the best as well as unconventional candidates. This increases your qualification pool and can enhance your DEI initiatives. Simply enter their email address and they will receive a link to get started.

2. Candidates take simulation

The candidate experience is engaging and memorable. Candidates receive an email and can take the simulation at their convenience on any device. We humor to minimize test anxiety and start with a practice simulation for candidates to gain hands-on experience. Then, they play their way through 5 parts of the simulation. Most will be done in under 45 minutes. 

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3. Prioritize interviews

You will see your top candidates immediately grouped in tiers correlated with first year quota attainment. Once candidates finish the simulation, their scores appear in your dashboard. You can also drill into each to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to schedule the best immediately and save you hours of time.

4. Prep Hiring Managers

Enable gain detailed insight for more meaningful interviews. They receive detailed scores on the 13 attributes of sales performance we measure. They can prepare better and faster, spend interview time unpacking strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately make better hiring decisions.

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5. Fast-track Onboarding

Once the rep is hired, you can shorten onboarding by months by focusing on the areas where the rep needs the most help. This targeted development and coaching accelerates their time to full productivity and quota attainment.

Summary of Benefits

  • Lower cost of bad hires
  • Faster hiring of top talent
  • Larger applicant pools
  • Greater objectivity
  • Less bias
  • Enhanced diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Lower applicant drop-out rates
  • Higher offer acceptance rates
  • More efficient interviewing
  • More effective interviewing
  • Faster onboarding
  • Enhanced image as an employer of choice

The ROI of S2P2 usually exceeds 10x.

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