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New York, NY: Selleration, Inc. has enhanced their cloud-based, immersive Sales Readiness platform with a Virtual Reality application enabling Sales Professionals to experience and develop skills in a Business-to-Business boardroom setting. First used in Financial Services, sales representatives were excited to participate in a boardroom selling opportunity with no risk attached, as shown here.

Nestlé Purina leverages Selleration breakthrough technology that recognizes natural voice language

Nestlé Purina PetCare has also leveraged the flexible UPtick™ technology, which excels at recognizing natural voice language, for Category Managers, customer-facing PetCare experts providing service to retail Store Managers. The initial application enables Purina leadership to effectively evaluate behaviors while changing and developing skillsets.  

“Nestlé Purina has a relentless focus on uncovering new and better ways to do business and deliver value. Developing our employees by leveraging voice recognition and virtual reality is an example of this strategy in action,” says Gene Feldman, Training Manager at Purina’s Center for Functional Excellence. “When I approached Selleration with this request, it was a natural extension of the modern sales enablement and 3D animated role play they have provided Purina in the past. Once again they have exceeded our expectations, and we intend to build on it.”

In a study carried out by the National Training Laboratory, retention rates for lecture style learning were at 5% and reading rates were 10% with standard Power Points. Virtual Reality Learning was measured at a retention rate of 75% in the study. With global learning teams focused on maximizing their sales training investments, modern immersive training has great appeal.

“Immersive learning and delivering engaging developmental experiences for the Sales professional is exactly where Selleration wants to provide value” according to Nick Rini, Selleration CEO and co-founder. “Hearing, seeing and doing with Selleration’s VR experience, will set your team up for successful learning. Simultaneously, Sales leaders can gain data-driven insights to their people that can drive further investment and enable them to make better decisions, another major focus for our team.”

For this reason Selleration broadened their UPtick Sales Performance platform to include Virtual Reality experiential sales training, now focused on the boardroom or office setting to support businesses selling to other businesses, often at an executive level. Placing the sales rep in a virtual boardroom, using OCULUS GO and Selleration’s UPtick Sales Readiness platform, the participant was presented with an opportunity to frame and verbalize a basic one-minute elevator pitch. The UPtick system documents the sales rep’s performance (complete with “ums and aahs”) and then algorithms score the performance, based on language used, keywords and effectiveness of approach. A Sales leaderboard adds to the fun with a touch of competition inserted.

Selleration, headquartered in New York City, is an emerging leader in the delivery of Sales Performance Intelligence, leveraging AI, VR/AR, 3D animation and predictive analytics for enterprises to drive improved sales outcomes, including decreased time-to-first-sale for new hires. Companies like Purina have benefited from Selleration’s virtual reality and advanced technology solutions. Learn more about how Selleration can increase your sales productivity at Selleration.com. 

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