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Sciolytix Featured in Gartner® 2023 Hype Cycle for Talent Acquisition Technologies and Hype Cycle for Workforce Transformation

New York, NY., July 28, 2023 – Sciolytix, the AI predictive talent simulations company, is proud to announce its recognition in two of the Gartner’s 2023 Hype Cycle reports — its debut Hype Cycle for Talent Acquisition Technologies and Hype Cycle for Workforce Transformation. These reports offer insight into how recruiting technology is responding to innovation trends like generative AI and overall talent transformation. 

These reports provide executive and HR leaders guidance on talent and business impacts of tools and strategies and determine the best fit and mix of emerging and established technologies to re-examine, scale, or transform the HR function.

The Hype Cycle for Talent Acquisition Technologies covers a full spectrum of the recruitment funnel, listing technologies Gartner has identified as important, potentially interesting, and transformative, along with their time for mainstream adoption.

The Hype Cycle for Workforce Transformation shows the changes brought by hybrid models and lists technologies for automating tasks, augmenting employees’ capabilities to increase productivity, output quality, and worker well-being, and a whole gamut of tools for upskilling and reskilling. 

Sciolytix’s inclusion in the Next-Gen Talent Assessments category of both the 2023 Hype Cycle for Talent Acquisition Technologies and Hype Cycle for Workforce Transformation attests to the company’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing sales hiring and development through predictive simulation that uses 3D avatars and artificial intelligence. The company’s innovative product Sciolytix Sales Performance Predictor (S2P2), helps organizations evaluate and recruit top-performing salespeople faster and, most importantly, reduces poor hires by 95%. S2P2 also has a diagnostic dimension enabling sales organizations to assess the team’s capabilities and use insights for coaching and development.

“We are thrilled and humbled to be recognized in the Gartner® Hype Cycle for Talent Acquisition Technologies and Hype Cycle for Workforce Transformation,” said Michael Bealmear, CEO of Sciolytix. “This acknowledgment is a testament to our conviction in leveraging artificial intelligence in sales hiring and development for higher efficiency and better ROI. I’m grateful for our talented team’s hard work and dedication in building this cutting-edge product that empowers organizations to make data-driven sales hiring decisions.”

As the HR technology landscape continues to evolve rapidly, Sciolytix remains at the forefront of innovation in a competitive talent assessment market with its niche focus on sales hiring and development. “Sciolytix is proud to pioneer innovative solutions to an age-old problem of hiring and developing employees,” said Dario Priolo, Chief Marketing Officer of Sciolytix. “Applicants and employees have never viewed the assessment process favorably, but with talent demand exceeding supply, applicants and employees have more choices than ever. Through 3D avatar simulations and AI, our approach delivers a video game experience that participants enjoy and helps position our customers as employers of choice.”

About Sciolytix

Sciolytix is a software company that offers innovative solutions for organizations to improve their hiring, onboarding, and employee development processes. Our software solutions use immersive learning and predictive analytics to align people with performance outcomes. By validating the skills of applicants, organizations can minimize the risk of hiring the wrong talent and reduce ramp time through personalized learning powered by artificial intelligence. With Sciolytix, organizations can unlock the potential of every employee and align them with the organization’s needs.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dario Priolo
Chief Marketing Officer

Author: Dario Priolo

Dario brings over 20 years of experience in the sales enablement and talent development industry. He has led marketing and strategy as CMO for leading companies like the Hay Group, Miller Heiman and Profiles International and has been part of 4 successful exits, including his own start-up.


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