Workplace violence is a serious problem in organizations all over the world.  In the United States alone over 2 million people are victims of violence at work every year.  The deep physical and emotional impact and the loss in time, money and reputation can have a catastrophic impact on organizations.  Make sure that your organization’s managers are trained to prevent and react to violence on the job.

The 2017 course covers:

The OSHA mandate on workplace violence.
The behaviors that are considered workplace violence by the department of labor.
Workplace bullying.
Sexual assault and sexual harassment.
Using physical and verbal intimidation.
Vandalizing or destroying personal or work property.
Sabotaging business operations.
Threats of physical harm
Physical assault
Using a weapon for assault or intimidation.
Violence at customer, vendor, or other locations
The confidentiality of employees who report violence
Having a zero-tolerance policy.
Educating employees on violence
How toxic behaviors create a breeding ground for violence
Openly and honestly communicating with employees
Ensuring that employees have a clean, healthy, and safe environment
Fair management practices
Conflict resolution
Stress management
Domestic violence
Reports and investigations
Facility security
Warning signs and troubling changes in behavior
Threat assessment and intervention
Assisting at-risk employees
Handling confrontations and assaults
Active shooter incidents
Disciplinary actions

This course includes a full HD video and employee quiz.

Duration: 24 Minutes