Workplace bullying costs organizations billions every year in lost productivity, efficiency and employee turnover. Workplaces which have a high occurrence of bullying are more likely to have problems with absenteeism, illness and healthcare expenses. Make sure your employees know how to spot workplace bullying and make sure they understand the type of behavior that is unacceptable in the workplace.

The effects of workplace bullying
The definition of workplace bullying
Why do people bully?
The consequences of bullying
The aggressive nature of bullying
Power and control aspects of bullying
Why managers are more often bullies
Why bullying is sometimes hard to spot
Prevention techniques
The consequences of bullying

The following behavior are covered in the course:
Inappropriate language, put-downs, insults, and name-calling.
Taunting, teasing, or making jokes.
Sabotaging another employee’s work.
Copying, plagiarizing, or stealing work from a co-worker.
Deliberately denying co-workers resources.
Yelling, screaming, sarcasm, or other verbal abuse.
Menacing a co-worker with threatening looks, gestures, and body language.
Hazing or initiations that seek to embarrass or humiliate.
Unreasonably creating conflict
Refusing to work with a co-worker.
Physically threatening, shoving, striking, or touching a co-worker.
Gossiping or spreading rumors about co-workers.
The planting of false information.
Using private or confidential information to defame or destroy the reputation of a co-worker.
Setting unrealistic standards and deadlines which are unachievable or that are arbitrarily changed without notice or reason.
Assigning excessive, unreasonable, and unending amounts of work.
Giving unjustly negative performance appraisals.
Taking unwarranted disciplinary action.
Singling out or treating someone differently
Holding a subordinate employee to different standards than his or her peers.
Excessive, unneeded, and negative micromanagement.

The Effects of Workplace Bullying:
Employee turnover
Lost productivity
Low company-wide morale
Destroys creativity
Cost to employee health
Destroys organizational reputation

The course includes a full HD video and an employee quiz.

Duration: 15 Minutes