This retail shrinkage prevention program overs both internal and external factors that affect shrinkage in retail stores.  The techniques outllined in the course will teach your associates how to make loss prevention part of their everyday routine. 

The course has four sections:

External Losses
Internal Theft
Operational Error

Your employees will be taught simple prevention techniques that can be applied every day. 

How to deal with short change artists.
How to recognize shoplifters.
How customer service and attentiveness can prevent shoplifting.
The career benefits of preventing shrinkage
The tricks shoplifters use
How shoplifters are nearly impossible to profile…they come from all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities 
Techniques to thwart credit card fraud.
The best practices for taking cash, giving change and register security
How internal theft is the largest portion of shrinkage
Inspection and security of employee bags

Duration: 24 Minutes