This course takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

This sexual harassment prevention course designed specifically for managers covers every part of federal sexual harassment law in a simple, concise, no-nonsense manner that will leave no doubt about what sexual harassment is, what behaviors are unacceptable and the consequences for engaging in those behaviors. Additionally, the course covers the manager’s role in preventing harassment and handling complaints.

This course covers:

Hostile environment sexual harassment.
Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment.
The reasonable person standard.
Same sex harassment.
Harassment that occurs after work hours.
Harassment by non-employees.
Harassment based on gender.
Examples of behaviors that could lead to sexual harassment.
Keeping decisions job-related.
Avoiding compromising situations.
Holding meetings with groups of employees or in public areas.
Keeping office and conference room doors open during private meetings.
Keeping conversations on job-related or non-personal topics.
Limiting physical contact to a handshake.
Taking sexual harassment seriously.
Making the goal of a respectful workplace the top priority.
Training and counseling sessions.
The progressive discipline policy.
Inspecting the workplace.
Watching for the warning signs of unreported harassment.
Encouraging employees to speak up.
Reporting procedures.
Documentation of incidents or complaints.
Legal liability for managers.

Duration: 25 Minutes