This course is one of the most popular on the market today and there is a reason…it’s simple.  By covering federal sexual harassment law with a simple, no-nonsense style, the program leaves no doubt about what sexual harassment is, the behaviors that are unacceptable and the consequences of engaging in those behaviors.

The course covers:

Hostile environment harassment.
Quid Pro Quo Harassment.
The Reasonable Person standard.
Gender harassment.
Same sex harassment.
Social networking.
Sexting and harassment via email.
Prevention techniques.
The effect of sexual harassment on victims.
Sexual harassment by non-employees.
Sexual harassment outside of the workplace.
Sexual orientation harassment.
The consequences of engaging in harassment
And much more.

The course cover the following behaviors:

Making jokes or comments about a person’s physical attributes.
Gossiping or spreading rumors about sexual topics.
Engaging in sexual conversations that are overheard by others.
The use of demeaning or offensive names such as honey, sweetie, hottie, baby, girl, boy or hunk.
Viewing or posting of sexual pictures, magazines, posters, videos or images.
Viewing pornographic websites or viewing pornographic material.
Inappropriate remarks or jokes about a woman’s pregnancy.
Unwanted flirting or repeated requests for dates.
Suggestive whistling, leering, catcalls
Long stares and sexually suggestive looks
Using crude or offensive language

This course features a full HD video and an employee quiz.

Duration: 17 Minutes