California has some of the most stringent sexual harassment laws in the country and there is specific information that employers are required to give employees about the law. This program tailored for non-supervisory workers covers every part of the law is both powerful and easy to understand.

In California, sexual harassment is defined by both the Fair Employment and Housing Act and Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.  All DFEH and federal requirements are covered in the course.

On completion of this course, your employees will understand the law, understand their rights and understand the repercussions of perpetrating sexual harassment.

This program covers:

The rights employees have under California law
Quid Pro Quo harasment
Hostile environment harassment
Specific conduct that could result in a harassment claim
Specific guidance under California law
Complaint procedures
Liability in California law
The consequences of perpetrating harassment
and much more

Duration: 26 Minutes