This sexual harassment prevention course designed specifically for California managers covers both federal and California harassment law.  The course takes 30 minutes to complete and has been designed to be part of a 2-hour California supervisor.

This course covers:

Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment
Hostile environment sexual harassment
Manager liability under California law
Employer liability under California law
The Fair Employment and Housing Act (DFEH) definition of sexual harassment.
The reasonable person standard
Inappropriate behaviors
California harassment and retaliation policy
DFEH complaint procedures
DFEH Posters and Brochures
Protecting yourself from harassment complaints
Disciplinary action
Harassment by non-employees
Making job-related personal decisions
How managers can protect themselves from harassment?
Taking harassment seriously
Social media
Educating employees
Taking “all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring” 
Lodging a complaint with the DFEH
The consequences of engaging in harassment
Preventing harassment

This course contains an HD video and a quiz.

Duration: 24 Minutes