Why It’s Important

More people are abusing prescription and OTC medications today than ever before.  Unfortunately, this has profound impacts on workplace safety.  Employers often struggle with how to communicate a policy for the safe and responsible use of medication to their employees and to build an effective medications and safety training.  This course is designed to alleviate that problem by providing practical tools to your safety-sensitive employees around the best practices for taking medications, reporting safety concerns properly, being aware of how the medications affect them, and consulting with their healthcare professional about the medication’s side effects and their impacts on working safely.

This course is specifically designed to educate employees about prescription drug abuse, the potential risks of abusing prescription drugs, and the steps to responsible medication use. Course topics include:

  • Illegal vs Legal Drugs
  • Medications in the Workplace
  • Drug Use, Misuse and Abuse
  • Safety Risks
  • Prescription Drug Side Effects
  • Personal Responsibility

This course features:

  • Interactive Content
  • Scenarios
  • Quizzes

Duration: 35 minutes