Conducting a legally defensible job interview requires preparation and discipline.  Make sure your employees understand exactly what they can and cannot ask in interviews and avoid potential legal liability that could have a catastrophic impact on your organization.

Questions to avoid:

Race, color and national origin
Gender, gender identity and sexual orientation
Marital status, family status and pregnancy
Genetic information and medical history
Arrests and criminal record
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Height, weight, and personal appearance
Military service

This course also covers:

The importance of an up-to-date job description.
Determining essential and non-essential functions of the job.
How to handle candidate interjections.
Sticking to the script.
Writing only job-related information in interviewing notes.
Resumes and social media.
Sticking to the script.
Interview length.
Overselling the position.

The course includes an HD video and an employee quiz.

Duration: 28 Minutes