This version of the course has the criminal record section edited out to accommodate companies, states, and localities with “Ban the Box” initiatives and laws.

E-mail and text messaging are convenient forms of communication that make peoples’ jobs easier and more productive. However, with this convenience also comes great risk. Conducting a legally defensible job interview requires preparation and discipline. Make sure your employees understand exactly what they can and cannot ask in interviews and avoid potential legal liability that could have a catastrophic impact on your organization.

Questions to avoid:

-Race, color and national origin
-Gender, gender identity and sexual orientation
-Marital status, family status and pregnancy
-Genetic information and medical history
-Arrests and criminal record
-Drug and Alcohol Abuse
-Height, weight, and personal appearance
-Military service

This course also covers:

-The importance of an up-to-date job description.
-Determining essential and non-essential functions of the job.
-How to handle candidate interjections.
-Sticking to the script.
-Writing only job-related information in interviewing notes.
-Resumes and social media.
-Sticking to the script.
-Interview length.
-Overselling the position.

The course includes an HD video and an employee quiz

Duration: 28 Minutes