This course on preventing illegal insider trading is one of just a few on the market. Using clear, concise, easy-to-understand language, this course thoroughly outlines the law in layman’s terms that every employee will understand. Insider Trading erodes public confidence in the fairness and integrity of the markets. As a result, the SEC aggressively enforces these laws. Make sure that your organization doesn’t end up on the evening news by training your employees on this often-misunderstood crime.

The course covers:

What is illegal insider trading?
What is legal insider trading?
How the government tracks illegal activity.
Every employees’ fiduciary responsibility to investors
How anyone who uses privileged information (not just employees) can be charged under the law.
How someone be charged for passing information even there was no personal benefit financially.
How persons who fail to prevent illegal insider trading can be charged as controlling persons.
Specific examples of actions and scenarios that are illegal.
The consequences for violating the law.
How to protect yourself from violating the law.

This course includes a full HD video and employee quiz.

Duration: 17 Minutes