This harassment prevention course covers all federal law pertaining to harassment. Delivered in a simple, concise, no-nonsense style this course leaves no doubt about what behaviors are unacceptable and the consequences for engaging in them.

Fully updated in 2016, this course covers the following:

The Protected Groups
Hostile Environment Harassment
The Reasonable Person Standard
Techniques to prevent harassment
Harassment via text, e-mail or social media.
Gender harassment
Disability harassment
Sexual harassment
Same Sex harassment
Religious harassment
Pregnancy harassment
Gossiping and spreading rumors
Menacing, threatening or intimidating
Insensitive jokes or comments
Racial slurs or epithets
Excluding or isolating co-workers.
Using demeaning or offensive names
The consequences of harassment.
Harassment by non-employees like customers
And much more.

The course includes a full HD video and employee quiz.

Duration: 15 Minutes