This harassment prevention course made specifically for managers covers the critical information managers need to know to comply with federal harassment law and prevent it in the workplace they manage.

This course covers:

The employee groups protected by federal law.
The reasonable person standard.
Hostile environment harassment.
Harassing or discriminatory behaviors that result in a tangible employment action.
Quid Pro Quo harassment.
How harassment can be perpetrated by persons who are not employees like contractors, customers and vendors.
How harassment can occur anywhere that an employee represents their organization.
Behaviors that lead to illegal workplace harassment.
Sending offensive or harassing emails.
Viewing offensive websites.
Using social networking sites for harassing or offensive behavior.
Verbal, physical or cyber bullying.
The use of demeaning or offensive names.
Gossiping or spreading rumors about co-workers.
Telling insensitive jokes.
Menacing looks or gesture.
Sexual Harassment.
Making disparaging comments about a person’s job ability.
Texting pictures, messages or videos.
Excluding or isolating someone from work-related activities and assignments because of a non work-related reason.
Using crude or offensive language.
Making derogatory comments about a person’s sexual orientation.
Making jokes or comments about a person’s physical attributes
Inappropriate remarks or jokes about a woman’s pregnancy.
Offensive gender based comments or behaviors.
The manager’s top priorities for prevention harassment.
The manager’s role in preventing harassment.
Educating employees through ongoing, formal training sessions.
Providing less formal counseling sessions.
Reporting harassment.
Watching for the warning signs of unreported harassment.
Taking a harassment complaint.
The consequences of engaging in harassment.
Harassment prevention.

The course contains a full HD video and employee quiz.

Duration: 25 Minutes