The Family and Medical Leave Act is a complicated law. This course breaks the law into sections and simplifies the language to make it easier to remember. Each section ends with a quiz. Make sure all of your management employees understand the intricacies of the law with this comprehensive course.

What employees are eligible for the FMLA
The FMLA’s definition of eligible spouse, parent, or child
“In Loco Parentis”
Military caregiver leave
What health conditions qualify for 12 weeks of leave
What health conditions are eligible for 26 weeks of leave
What the FMLA does not cover
Employee benefits
Healthcare eligibility during leave
Job reinstatement
Serious health conditions
Pregnancy leave
Intermittent leave
Qualifying Military Exigency
Rest and Recuperation leave
Key employees
Employer responsibility
Medical certification
Light duty
Fitness-for-duty certification

Duration: 30 Minutes