This classic video-based course based on the best-selling business book of the same name describes that in order for an organization to change, the leader has to change. Leaders must be willing to shed old management habits and allow employees to participate in the leadership process. In order to include employees in the company’s decision-making process, managers need to:

  • Stop answering questions and start asking them
  • Stop making decisions for people and let them make their own
  • Stop speaking first and instead speak last
  • It is only when employees are asked to stretch and grow that they fully function at their jobs and begin to play a vital and meaningful role in the strategic plan for the company’s future.

Because people, like buffalo, observe authors Belasco and Stayer, will follow as long as someone insists on leading. Unfortunately, along with such an aimless “tag-along” position, people don’t bother to put forth their best work or show off their inherent creativity. Much of that spirited productivity and creative energy is trampled by the herd and never seen by either the company or the company’s customers. By letting employees lead, an organization will not only have the opportunity to realize its own highest goals, but it can help individuals reach and enjoy new levels of job satisfaction along with a real sense of pride and accomplishment.

This course includes a video and employee quiz.

Duration: 36 Minutes