Why It’s Important

Substance abuse in the workplace is not only a direct threat to workplace safety, it can also present major legal and financial headaches for employers, especially when reasonable suspicion situations are mishandled. Properly training your supervisors on managing reasonable suspicion situations can go a long way toward reducing your risk.

As a supervisor, this Drug-Free Workplace refresher course will teach you the critical roles and responsibilities you have in the reasonable suspicion testing process, including how to:

  • Identify signs, symptoms, and indicators of substance abuse.
  • Initiate a reasonable suspicion test.
  • Document your observations correctly.
  • Reduce liability in sensitive situations while balancing employee rights.

This course is designed to meet many state Drug-Free Workplace annual supervisor training requirements.  Not compatible with all states.  Please email info@visifytraining.com for more information.

Duration: 60 minutes