This French-Canadian version has both French-Canadian narration and subtitling.

Organizations that have seen the critical need to attract and retain diverse talent and have made diversity and inclusion part of their core values have proven to be far more successful than those that have not. Diversity ignites creativity and innovation and allows organizations to serve their increasingly diverse customer bases.

Focusing on workplace diversity has become so important that all employees have an obligation to educate themselves on what diversity is, why it’s so important and the steps they need to take to embrace it and participate in it.

This 2017 produced course covers:

What is diversity?
Why is diversity important?
How can employees embrace diversity? 
Why diversity is a business imperative.
Why diversity is more than protections of court mandated groups.
Finding common ground with people who come from different backgrounds, beliefs and experiences.
Why all interactions should begin with respect.
Understanding personal biases.
How open communication will stop anger and resentment.
Non-verbal communication.
Discovering personal biases.
And more.

Duration: 20 Minutes