This retail service course follows our host through his day as he travels to a clothing store, a sporting goods store, a stereo store, a flower shop and a hardware store. During his journey he also has telephone service experiences with his doctor and with the cable company. Both good and bad examples of retail customer service are presented as our host proceeds through his day.

This course has 4 parts.

Making Your Customers Feel Welcome
Think of each customer as an invited guest
Personally welcome each visitor to your store Use a simple and natural greeting
Treat the customer like YOU would like to be treated

Giving Your Undivided Attention
Make people feel important and like they matter to you!
Stop what you’re doing and help the customer
Nothing is more important than focusing on a customer

Going the Extra Mile & Is there anything else I can do?
Follow through on all your promises
Find out what you can REALLY do to help the customer

Showing You Appreciate Your Customers Business
Say, Thank you!
Encourage your customers to tell their friends about you
Invite the customer back to the store

Duration: 26 Minutes