With AB2053, the state of California mandated abusive conduct training as part of mandatory sexual harassment training. Abusive conduct, more commonly known as workplace bullying, has a profound impact on productivity, morale, and employee retention. Organizations with an abusive conduct problem are more likely to have employee depression, higher levels of absenteeism, increased illnesses, and workplace violence.

Employers with 50 or more employees are required to train their supervisors on sexual harassment for 2 hours every two years. This 50-employee standard is a companywide standard. Even if your organization has less than 50 employees in California, your California supervisors must be trained if the total number employees worldwide is 50 or more. This program defines abusive conduct under California law, lists the behaviors that are considered abusive conduct, describes the effect that bullying has on employees and outlines prevention strategies to stop bullying.

This course covers the subject with an engaging HD video that details the required topics, then follows up with a quiz to make sure that your learners retained the content of the training. The course is a perfect addition to your 2-hour class to ensure your organization follows the law.

Duration: 15 Minutes