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How do I select the best pre-hire assessment for hiring salespeople?

When selecting a pre-hire assessment for hiring salespeople, it is important to do due diligence to meet your sales organization’s specific requirements. While generic pre-hire assessments are available, it is advisable to go with assessments designed for sales hiring with a proven track record. Involve your current salespeople and sales managers in the selection process and take their feedback.

Consider these seven tips for evaluating pre-hire assessments for your sales team.

  1. Define the skills and qualities you are looking for: Identify the specific skills and qualities that are most important for success in the sales role, such as customer service, communication, and problem-solving.

  2. Consider the job requirements: Consider the specific requirements of the sales role, such as the type of products or services being sold, the target market, and the sales process. This will help you choose an assessment that is relevant to the job.

  3. Look for assessments with a proven track record: Choose an assessment that has been validated and has a proven track record of accurately predicting job performance.

  4. Ensure the assessment is legally compliant: Ensure that the assessment is legally compliant and does not discriminate against any protected groups.

  5. Consider the cost and time commitment: Evaluate the cost and time commitment of the assessment, and choose one that is reasonable and feasible for your organization.

  6. Seek feedback from current salespeople: Consider seeking feedback from current salespeople or sales managers on the effectiveness of different assessments.

  7. Pilot test the assessment: Consider pilot testing the assessment with a small group of candidates to see how well it predicts job performance.

Author: Dario Priolo

Dario brings over 20 years of experience in the sales enablement and talent development industry. He has led marketing and strategy as CMO for leading companies like the Hay Group, Miller Heiman and Profiles International and has been part of 4 successful exits, including his own start-up.


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