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Selleration Merges with DigitalChalk to Deliver a Powerful, Immersive Learning and Development Platform

The newly merged company will expand their data-driven, personalized Sales Enablement to include other experiential, prescriptive talent development needed by “Generation Interactive”

New York, NY DigitalChalk, a best-in-class Learning Management Solution, has merged with Selleration, an award-winning Sales Enablement company that features data-driven, immersive and interactive Sales onboarding and development. The merger will provide an engaging, modern, immersive approach to Learning and Development for today’s interactive and agile workforce, delivering improved revenue outcomes. 

Introducing Learning Solutions for Gen-I

There is a new generation in the workforce that Selleration and DigitalChalk have identified that must be served: not just limited to millennials, Generation Interactive (Gen-I) spans all age groups, genders, ethnicities, and business functions. Used to interactive and socialized learning via games and devices, this new workforce requires modern tools to increase performance and meet rising revenue expectations.

The new generation of interactive workers is dramatically impacting the nature of training, traditionally executed with PowerPoint slides, PDF’s, videos and in-person instructor-led discussions and presentations. To meet the demands of today’s learners, DigitalChalk and Selleration will leverage their joint immersive and predictive technologies to measure skills and behaviors, predict success, and prescribe a personalized learning experience that moves the needle on corporate performance.

Powerful, prescriptive development for Sales

“Today’s smartphone-using, network-connected workforce demands more of all of us – they expect a different learning experience today than even a few years ago” reports Nick Rini, CEO of New York City based Selleration. “At the same time, business leaders need to know far more about each of their team members than ever before. Our customers need innovative approaches that engage their workforce and align behaviors to task. DigitalChalk extends our reach through a world-class learning system and a loyal customer base.”

Confluent Strategies, a leading provider of consumer and commercial credit information, based in Memphis, TN, implemented Selleration’s UPtick Sales Readiness platform to pair with their installed DigitalChalk Learning Management System. “We chose UPtick because we were impressed with their ability to assess the needs of each individual Sales rep,” said Sean Sheppard, Vice President of Employee Development. “In this way, we can personalize the plan with engaging, simulated role-plays that are on-target, and include coaching and other content from across the DigitalChalk system to fine-tune and super-charge the capabilities of our Sales organization.” 

World-class Learning and Development Solutions 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) as a group boast a Net Promoter Score of -34, but DigitalChalk tops the leaderboard, with an earned score of 70. They are well-positioned to deliver value to workforces across industries.

“In a space where companies literally hate their LMS, DigitalChalk has been a leader in providing a world-class LMS offering that our customers love,” says Russ Stinehour, CEO, and co-founder of DigitalChalk. “We partnered with Selleration to continue to provide our customers with leading-edge, engaging technology that delivers the outcomes business leaders need to succeed. We are very excited about this merger and look forward to providing additional predictive, analytical solutions together.” 

DigitalChalk is a leader in the Learning Management Systems market, uniquely providing a total online learning solution “no matter who you train”. Last year, the company launched Control Tower, a content licensing system to share, track, and administer content across all learning platforms from one central, secure location. In 2020, DigitalChalk added a new Discussions function, designed to facilitate synergistic learning with shared ideas and teamwork, leading to higher learner engagement and understanding. Their AI-based “sentiment” technology provides visual feedback on the most popular training and discussion topics. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, DigitalChalk continues to focus on partnering closely with their customers, now numbering almost 5,000. 

Selleration has been driving modern Sales Enablement since 2015, providing customers with a path to measure, predict, and develop Sales professionals, delivering revenue growth and speeding time-to-first sale. The company is known for measuring Selling Intelligence, which examines Sales professional’s behavior and key Sales attributes before delivering a score that is consistent across an entire Sales population. This ability to measure workforce talent, predict success and then prescribe a modern Sales Development solution featuring 3D animation and immersive technologies will expand under the newly merged entity. Companies like Mars, John Hancock and Purina have benefited from Selleration’s virtual reality and advanced technology solutions. 

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