Sciolytix’s UPtick Sales Simulation Training Software Nets Big Gains for BioTe Medical’s Sales Leaders

Study reveals 17% average year-over-year revenue growth among users of UPtick.

NEW YORK CITY; March 31, 2021 – New research from Sciolytix proves that on-demand 3D immersive simulations are highly effective for developing the sales skills and behaviors that drive increased revenue growth.

Sciolytix partnered with Beyond ROI to conduct a study of district and territory managers at BioTe Medical, the world leader in hormone optimization therapy. BioTe participants were given access to both Sciolytix’s UPtick sales simulation software and Consilio’s real-world sales coaching, and were encouraged to use the software frequently and take advantage of the sales coaching opportunities. The study measured the impact of this blended approach to sales education on year-over-year revenue growth. Among the findings:

  • 82% of learners saw year-over-year growth in sales revenue (even amidst the pandemic);
  • 17% average year-over-year revenue growth for participants; and
  • 278% higher revenue growth from individuals who logged in more frequently than those who did less.

The increase in revenue growth across these variables supports the assertion that repeated practice in UPtick simulations teaches sales skills that are directly applicable to real-world sales activities.

Growing Demand for Experiential Learning

“People understandably wonder how practicing selling in a simulation translates to real selling situations and ultimately converts to sales,” said David Solot, PhD, Sciolytix Chief Science Officer and Senior Vice President of Product Management. “This research helps show that the skills learned in the simulator are the same ones used in the field. Time spent in the simulator directly translates to greater sales success with actual clients.”

Learning and development managers know the value of experiential learning. 

  • In-person training is costly, takes considerable time and planning, is one-and-done without a lasting impact on attendees, and is fraught with variables from content to environment to instructors. 
  • Conversely, sales simulation training software such as UPtick is available whenever sales reps have a few moments to practice and develop their selling skills. It is engaging, consistent, scores users on their performance, offers specific coaching and feedback in the moment, and provides sales leaders with actionable data on their reps’ strengths and weaknesses. 

“Our mission is to cause major disruption in the learning tech space,” said Nick Rini, Sciolytix Chief Revenue Officer. “Traditional training methods have not produced the behavior change needed to achieve the desired results corporate executives expect. Our experiential learning solutions address this in a powerful and sustainable manner; BioTe’s experience demonstrates that it produces significant results for those who take advantage of it.”

A vital part of this study’s success was the sales coaching provided by Sciolytix’s partner, Consilio. Their expertise and reinforcement ensured that users got the most out of UPtick and were able to apply it in their daily selling situations. It added an extra level of accountability, feedback, and nurturing that led to BioTe’s success. Partners can have a tremendous impact in this regard, particularly because inside sales managers lack the skills or time to provide individual coaching for their reps.

About Sciolytix

Sciolytix is the technology innovator behind DigitalChalk LMS and UPtick, which specialize in experiential learning to improve business performance through behavior change. Our Deep ScoringTM methodology gives leaders insight to manage individuals and teams strategically, unlock human potential, and predict the likelihood of organizational and individual success. Our immersive training experiences inspire engagement; help employees learn, develop, and grow; and prepare people for real-world challenges they encounter every day.

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Author: Jeff Meyers

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