Proving the Impact of UPtick Sales Simulations at BioTe Medical

BioTe Medical wanted to improve the selling skills of their District Managers and Territory Managers. The goal was for both groups to increase the revenue in their books of business (as measured by year-over-year growth).

To achieve this goal, BioTe participants used UPtick sales simulation software and received coaching from Consilio to support their learning. The DMs and TMs who made the most use of the UPtick software saw significant revenue growth, averaging 400% more than for those who used the UPtick system infrequently.

This supports the assertions that (1) repeated practice in UPtick simulations teaches sales skills that are directly applicable to real-world sales activities and (2) when practice in UPtick is supported by real-world coaching, the outcome is strong sales growth that is superior to either methodology on its own.

Read more about the BioTe engagement, impact, and outcomes. 

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