Proud Winners of Four 2020 Brandon Hall Awards

We are very proud and honored to have received FOUR Brandon Hall Awards for our UPtick Sales Simulation Training Ecosystem. These prestigious awards validate the significant advancements Sciolytix has made to unlock the power of immersive 3D simulations for all organizations to train and develop their sales teams.

We look forward to even more breakthroughs in 2021. Stay tuned!

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Sciolytix Wins four 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards for its UPtick sales simulation training software. Members of the Sciolytix avatar team gathered to receive the awards.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

UPtick enables reps to practice the real-life customer interactions they face. Like playing a video game, reps work their way through challenging scenarios and receive consistent, expert feedback from UPtick’s virtual coach.

Sales Behavior

Simulators are effective tools for developing mission-critical skills

  • Challenging, engaging video game-like experience applied to sales training
  • Creates an emotional connection to training content that drives repetition
  • Extensive simulation library, fully customizable to your selling situation
Salespeople need the ability to practice

Salespeople need the ability to practice

  • Enable salespeople to practice the situations they face each day
  • Safe, risk-free environment to “learn by doing” – no deals or customers harmed  
  • Virtual coach provides consistent, precise feedback and encouragement
  • Frees-up sales managers from extensive roleplaying
Role Plays

Comprehensive Simulation Library

  • Thousands of practice combinations and unlimited repetitions possible to foster permanent behavior change and (good selling habits) 
  • Learning cadence aligns learning priorities with salesperson needs
  • Deep scoring and robust reporting gives leaders insight into each rep’s strengths and weaknesses
Comprehensive Simulation Library

Practice and repeat until mastery is achieved

  • Competency thresholds can be set for certification 
  • Gamified with leaderboards to enhance motivation and accountability
  • Excellent for reinforcing sales kick-offs and new product launches
  • Available 24x7x365, no travel required
  • Compatible with Chorus, Gong, ExecVision, and other call recording software

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uptick sales simulations

Business impact + Measurable Results

Every interaction is scored and reported so you know the strengths and weaknesses of each rep, and their readiness for the job.

Changes behavior to meet business needs

Changes behavior to meet business needs

Enhanced customer

Enhanced customer

Improved judgment in selling situations

Improved judgment in selling situations

Develops and locks-in good selling habits

Develops and locks-in good selling habits




Average Sales Skills Improvement


Average Selling Judgment score improvement


Average Selling Intelligence score improvement


Improvement on
most-played roleplays


Improvement on
least-played roleplays

Solutions for Sales Enablement

Use Cases

Whether you need to onboard new hires, launch a new product, or re-energize experienced reps UPtick will help. Please look at our Use Cases to learn more. 

Sales Hiring

Hiring Salespeople

Make more informed decisions through objective, predictive pre-hire assessments.

Sales Onboarding

Onboarding Salespeople

Accelerate time to full productivity and build a foundation for future success.

Sales Training & Coaching

Sales Training & Coaching

Inject fun and excitement into sale training while accelerating skill development and readiness.

Leadership Development

Virtual Sales Kick-off Meetings

Inject fun and excitement into sale kick-offs while accelerating skill development and readiness.

uptick sales simulations

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Harness the power of UPtick’s 3D immersive simulations and
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