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Sciolytix is a software company specializing in experiential learning and talent analytics. We help organizations hire, onboard, and develop their employees; predict performance; and ensure their human capital can achieve current and future strategic objectives.

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sciolytix product family

Sales Performance Predictor

Hire the best sales reps by knowing which applicants will hit quota and who won’t while creating a fun candidate experience that differentiates your employer brand.

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Sciolytix Sales Simulations

Harness the power of 3D immersive simulations and analytics to onboard and develop salespeople more effectively.

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Corporate LMS

Recognized among the best systems in the market, we enable organizations to deliver engaging employee learning at any time and anywhere across their workforce.

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Corporate Learning Content

Deliver outstanding, cost-effective employee training from our extensive content library sourced from the industry’s leading eLearning publishers.

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Sciolytix Continuing Ed Solutions

Sciolytix Continuing Ed Solutions gives companies that offer continuing education training a powerful LMS platform, expert guidance, and fanatical support to create, sell, and deliver courses, and grow profitable businesses.

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Scolytix Content Fortress

Sciolytix Content Fortress helps training companies to protect their intellectual property (IP), reduce losses from overuse and theft, and create new enterprise sales possibilities.

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We’re revolutionizing how organizations assess, onboard, and grow their employees.

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