Salespeople need the ability to practice

Developed by a team of accomplished sales leaders and industrial/organizational psychologists, UPtickPro’s sales simulation training platform takes users through a challenging multi-step B2B sales process, from pre-call planning to deal closing.   

Each user goes through 13 rigorous selling simulations designed to measure learners’ abilities in the 6 competency areas identified through research as most correlated to your sales success.

  • Initiating a Relationship
  • Intellectual Curiosity
  • Presenting
  • Objection Management and Persistence
  • Negotiating and Persuading
  • Emotional Intelligence
uptick sales simulations

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To become a Certified Skilled Seller, an individual would have to attain a score of 70 or higher in all 13 simulations.  This would indicate that this user is proficient in each step of a B2B selling process.

To become a Certified Master Seller, an individual would have to attain a score of 90 or higher in all 13 simulations.  Of the over 5,000 UPtick and UPtickPro users, fewer than 3% have attained this level of achievement.