DigitalChalk Use Case: Employee Development

According to Korn Ferry, lack of career development is the number 1 reason employees leave organizations.

Effective development enables your employees to improve and enhance existing skills and develop new skills that support your organization’s mission and goals. Building a sound employee development process sends a strong message to your people that their contributions are valued, which builds their loyalty and engagement.

Through DigitalChalk, our award-winning e-learning platform, we help you deliver individualized training and development for every employee. You can take advantage of our comprehensive on-demand learning library or build and deliver your own customized programs.

Getting started easy. We guide you step-by-step to ensure your success so you can make an immediate impact on your workforce.

Author: LeeAnn Stinehour

We’re revolutionizing how organizations assess, onboard and grow their employees. Our software solutions use immersive learning and advanced analytics to measure and optimize workforce behavior critical to business outcomes. Now you can validate the skills of applicants and minimize the risk of bringing on the wrong talents. Reduce ramp time through personalized learning powered by artificial intelligence. And use virtual simulations to instill best practices that stick.


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