DigitalChalk Use Case: Customer Training

When you train your customers on how to effectively use your product or solution, you increase their satisfaction and success — which leads to greater loyalty and more business.

We enable you to offer comprehensive training and certifications to your customers efficiently through our DigitalChalk LMS. Whether you are investing in your first LMS or transitioning from another platform, DigitalChalk is easy for you and your customers to implement and use.

We provide you with step-by-step guidance throughout implementation and responsive onshore support to you and your end users. This means that if they have a problem, we take the call. It’s like getting an entire customer support department for free.

That’s why companies like Harley-Davidson trust DigitalChalk to deliver their training.

Author: LeeAnn Stinehour

We’re revolutionizing how organizations assess, onboard and grow their employees. Our software solutions use immersive learning and advanced analytics to measure and optimize workforce behavior critical to business outcomes. Now you can validate the skills of applicants and minimize the risk of bringing on the wrong talents. Reduce ramp time through personalized learning powered by artificial intelligence. And use virtual simulations to instill best practices that stick.


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