DigitalChalk Features: Video Delivery

Your learners’ disengage when videos load slowly or display incorrectly on their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. DigitalChalk’s comprehensive video capabilities are recognized by industry leaders as best-in-class and are proven to eliminate those issues.

Our video functions were designed specifically for learning delivery and are very easy to use. Our proprietary delivery methodology enables you to deliver video to your learners regardless of bandwidth or the device they’re using. We track all video progress so your learners can leave and return to where they left off without fear of missing valuable content, or frustration of having to start over.

And, we give you the ability to control video flow to prevent learners from fast-forwarding or advancing without completing activities important to learning, such as answering a question or viewing a slide. This can be essential for certain compliance and certification training.

Best of all, everything you need is included, so you won’t need to spend more money on video hosting or delivery and can focus on reaping positive results from your training.

Author: Dario Priolo

Dario brings over 20 years of experience in the sales enablement and talent development industry. He has led marketing and strategy as CMO for leading companies like the Hay Group, Miller Heiman and Profiles International and has been part of 4 successful exits, including his own start-up.


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