DigitalChalk Features: Administrator & End-user Support

If your learners encounter even the smallest problem, they expect a prompt, professional response, and successful resolution. This is especially true when you first “go live”. Expectations are high and you must prepare for a tidal wave of support requests. We know you’re in a vulnerable spot.

DigitalChalk Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores are in the top 1 percent of our industry. Our support team is fast, efficient, and 100% onshore. And, we are one of the few LMS companies that provides first-level support to end-users.

This means that if one of your learners’ requests support for a problem or has a question, we handle that request — not you. It’s like getting a free support team, which increases learner satisfaction while lowering your costs, and reducing stress.

Author: LeeAnn Stinehour

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