Russ Stinehour is a 35-year technology veteran with extensive leadership experience. He is a consummate problem-solver, leader and a long-time veteran of the SaaS industry, Russ thrives on building teams and pursuing advances to learning technology.

As COO, Russ is responsible for the company’s eCommerce strategy and operation, Finance, Human Resources, and Client Success. He was co-founder and CEO of Infinity Learning Solutions, the parent company of DigitalChalk. Prior to that, Russ was the founder and CEO of CrossLogic, a $45M privately held company, and held leadership positions at IBM. Russ co-authored four software development textbooks that have been used widely in the world of software development. Russ is a recognized advocate for software accessibility, an expert in assistive technologies and serves on the board for the Industries For the Blind Solutions.

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